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Artistic practice:

In a conceptual practice I'm working with themes as gender, identity and sexuality. Mostly in three different types of material: Paintings, consumer products, paintings or used gloves. In conceptual exhibitions and works that question normative history and generate new narratives based on private memories and experiences, I want the viewer to be inspired.


The layers illustrates the layers in our minds. From which layer is our sexuality controlled? The deeper the layer is located, the less control over the thoughts. The deepest layer is our primeval instincts. The background is our subconscious and what we are born with. It is kind of portraits...

Consumer products:

Kind of a research, trying to get brands to tell stories from peoples life. I call it super-pop.

Used gloves:

I see the gloves as small representatives of Homo sapiens, mostly because of the history from the past when they were worn. They also contain DNA traces and they have a odor-patina. They can be lonely and lost but also found and in couples. In this big family (I have collected over 50.000 gloves), a truly equality is taking place.